Color Me… Complicated

Summer is now in full swing for me. The heat, that famous Texas heat, has already risen to blazing heights and I’ve found myself settling into my usual summer listlessness. I feel as though my mind is full of many dimensions of feeling and thinking and perceiving. I’ve been picking up new hobbies, one of which is listening to audio books. If you’ve never tried that, I highly recommend it. If you find a recording with a good speaker, you can just get lost in it for hours.

I digress. All of this summer listlessness has had me dreaming up certain sultry, summery looks that might have been worn by a femme fatale in an old french film, or on me, in some sort of wonky alternate reality. Dreamy, hazy, sparkly, just out of focus enough to make you squint, these are the looks I’ve been finding myself gravitating toward. It’s almost as if I want to embody that heat wave that writhes just above the sand at a hot beach.

Think sunset pinks, honey blonde hair, sad eyes. Romantic, in a lazy, sleepy kind of way. I’m inspired to wear loose, reflective materials and warm-toned makeup.

My inspirations change week by week and I’m sure I’ll soon have more to show you all. Expect a post soon about my summer and what I’ve been up to!

Love and Sequins,



***these images and more can be found on my tumblr.


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