Acne Vulgaris is Making its Fashion Debut

When you think of beauty and style, a face full of acne is not exactly what comes to mind. Or is it?

Moto Guo, a Malaysian designer, made his Milan Fashion Week debut with a menswear collection full of soft frills, pastels, schoolboy charm and… acne. In a girlish, whimsical collection that already stood out among the strong focus on business looks, the makeup choices just served to further highlight the quirky charms of this collection.

Acne as a makeup look at Moto Guo’s Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collection.

Real talk for a minute: As a person who has suffered with acne since the onset of my young adulthood, I actually really appreciate someone highlighting this look on the runway. Most of us want to ignore acne, want to cover it, revile it, are made fun of for it. But, for just a singular show, a mere moment, it was trendy and glamorous and people actually looked at it.

I hate how much stigma acne has because it’s SO common. We go throughout our lives hating our own faces because it doesn’t live up to society’s blemish-free standards. So, even if it was just one show, and even though most people may not have even liked it, acne had a moment and people saw it and acknowledged it.

I can only hope that acne continues to gain more exposure so that we might begin to stop the stigma and the low self confidence attached to it. /End rant.

Anyways, aside from the interesting choice to use acne as a *look*, I also absolutely love Moto Guo’s aesthetic and childish whimsy infused with this collection. Soft colors, oversized silhouettes and fun prints definitely bring this collection to life and help it stand out among the sea of traditional menswear. Thanks Moto Guo!

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the show:


Check out the rest of the collection.

Peace and… Pimples,



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