Fashion as Fantasy

What is the point of fashion? A lot of people who are not in the know about fashion will ask this question. My heart shrivels a bit every time I hear “who would ever war that?” That’s almost like asking “who would ever look at that?” to a painting. It’s a ridiculous notion.

I’ve explained one too many times that it’s not about marketability or wearability or what you like. It doesn’t have to look at home on the stiff mannequins that occupy mall windows. It’s about way more than those practical things. It’s about art. It’s about fantasy.

What got me into fashion to begin with was the editorial shoots and how I saw entire lives in the pictures. As a natural storyteller, the shoots are like fodder for my hungry imagination. I wonder who the woman is, why she is in that place, where she will end up next. A world is built around outfits and makeup and set, which is an impressive feat for the photographers, models and creative directors involved.

Where was she going? Who was she meeting? What kind of life was she waiting for? What became of her after this moment?                               PHOTOGRAPHER: CASS BIRD

So, I fell in love.

Over time, my love evolved into a love of clothing, because there were stories there, too. I ask, what kind of girl would wear this? In my movie universe I imagine who I could be if I was wearing a certain piece and I gravitate toward things I feel exert an idea of a personality or express some kind of inexpressible feeling.

Now, I almost can’t imagine not seeing clothes in this way. I can’t understand those that just put something on because they have to. I can’t understand owning a wardrobe devoid of any story pieces that have bits of art and soul sewn into the seams.

What kind of character would wear these clothes? Why? What feeling does it portray? Do you want to be her? (Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2017)

Without clothes, I feel I would not tell the complete story of myself. And I absolutely believe that fashion is an art form just as valid as any other. So I implore people to stop asking who would ever wear a piece and start looking for the story within it, the story that the designer, no doubt, conjured in their mind and painstakingly brought to life through clothes. After all, the clothes come first, then the editorials. So, they must provide some inspiration, hold some power over the observer, or they wouldn’t be the star of the show.


Artfully Yours,



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