Brands I Love: Area NYC

In a world where most of us are scrolling through dashboards on various social media sites several times per day (or at least once), it has become a challenge for brands to cut through the “clutter” and leave a lasting impression. And although I am completely inundated with ads and photographs of fashion lines and editorials daily, one brand manages to catch my attention and stop my scroll dead in its tracks every time: Area NYC.


From the Area NYC spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection. One of the reasons I love this brand is their distinctive photography that portrays women as goddesses and power-creatures. 

Since it’s a small, up-and-coming brand, you may not have heard of it, but it’s been turning heads in the industry with its 90s aesthetics and trash-to-treasure chic vibes, one that started because Piotrek Panszczyk, one half of Area’s designing duo, borrowed leftover fabrics from the graduate collection of Beckett Fogg, the other half. The two met while studying for their masters at Parsons School of Design and founded a brand together to escape losing themselves in other labels.

The borrowed fabric, an embossed leather, started a tradition that is central to the label’s aesthetic and has been utilized in every line since. Along with fabrics, the duo also recycles trends, resurrecting 90s styles and 70s disco looks, making them cool again.


Fogg (right) and Panszczyk (left). Photo from the Area NYC website.

Besides the obvious appeal of the trendy, glamorous 70s clubwear-inspired looks (the name “Area” even pays homage to a famous 70s disco club), the brand is always beautifully photographed. Dreamy, sparkling and divine. the models look almost alien, with never-ending limbs and perfectly smooth hair. This aesthetic probably comes from the designers’ belief in portraying women as goddesses and power-creatures, beautiful, otherworldly and overall, in-control.

I think that this power duo has a unique vision and aesthetic and has a great future ahead of them in the industry. I’ll be sure to keep watch, savoring their artistry and photography and maybe pinning a few of their luscious shots to my wall. I’m exited to see what else they churn out in the future!


A sexy, embossed-leather jumpsuit. This is one of my favorite photos of theirs because the woman exudes confidence and mysteriousness. From their Spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection.

Here are some of my favorite looks from their various collections:


Glitter and Goddesses,



Fashion as Fantasy

What is the point of fashion? A lot of people who are not in the know about fashion will ask this question. My heart shrivels a bit every time I hear “who would ever war that?” That’s almost like asking “who would ever look at that?” to a painting. It’s a ridiculous notion.

I’ve explained one too many times that it’s not about marketability or wearability or what you like. It doesn’t have to look at home on the stiff mannequins that occupy mall windows. It’s about way more than those practical things. It’s about art. It’s about fantasy.

What got me into fashion to begin with was the editorial shoots and how I saw entire lives in the pictures. As a natural storyteller, the shoots are like fodder for my hungry imagination. I wonder who the woman is, why she is in that place, where she will end up next. A world is built around outfits and makeup and set, which is an impressive feat for the photographers, models and creative directors involved.


Where was she going? Who was she meeting? What kind of life was she waiting for? What became of her after this moment?                               PHOTOGRAPHER: CASS BIRD

So, I fell in love.

Over time, my love evolved into a love of clothing, because there were stories there, too. I ask, what kind of girl would wear this? In my movie universe I imagine who I could be if I was wearing a certain piece and I gravitate toward things I feel exert an idea of a personality or express some kind of inexpressible feeling.

Now, I almost can’t imagine not seeing clothes in this way. I can’t understand those that just put something on because they have to. I can’t understand owning a wardrobe devoid of any story pieces that have bits of art and soul sewn into the seams.


What kind of character would wear these clothes? Why? What feeling does it portray? Do you want to be her? (Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2017)

Without clothes, I feel I would not tell the complete story of myself. And I absolutely believe that fashion is an art form just as valid as any other. So I implore people to stop asking who would ever wear a piece and start looking for the story within it, the story that the designer, no doubt, conjured in their mind and painstakingly brought to life through clothes. After all, the clothes come first, then the editorials. So, they must provide some inspiration, hold some power over the observer, or they wouldn’t be the star of the show.


Artfully Yours,



Acne Vulgaris is Making its Fashion Debut

When you think of beauty and style, a face full of acne is not exactly what comes to mind. Or is it?

Moto Guo, a Malaysian designer, made his Milan Fashion Week debut with a menswear collection full of soft frills, pastels, schoolboy charm and… acne. In a girlish, whimsical collection that already stood out among the strong focus on business looks, the makeup choices just served to further highlight the quirky charms of this collection.


Acne as a makeup look at Moto Guo’s Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collection.

Real talk for a minute: As a person who has suffered with acne since the onset of my young adulthood, I actually really appreciate someone highlighting this look on the runway. Most of us want to ignore acne, want to cover it, revile it, are made fun of for it. But, for just a singular show, a mere moment, it was trendy and glamorous and people actually looked at it.

I hate how much stigma acne has because it’s SO common. We go throughout our lives hating our own faces because it doesn’t live up to society’s blemish-free standards. So, even if it was just one show, and even though most people may not have even liked it, acne had a moment and people saw it and acknowledged it.

I can only hope that acne continues to gain more exposure so that we might begin to stop the stigma and the low self confidence attached to it. /End rant.

Anyways, aside from the interesting choice to use acne as a *look*, I also absolutely love Moto Guo’s aesthetic and childish whimsy infused with this collection. Soft colors, oversized silhouettes and fun prints definitely bring this collection to life and help it stand out among the sea of traditional menswear. Thanks Moto Guo!

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the show:

Check out the rest of the collection.

Peace and… Pimples,



Color Me… Complicated

Summer is now in full swing for me. The heat, that famous Texas heat, has already risen to blazing heights and I’ve found myself settling into my usual summer listlessness. I feel as though my mind is full of many dimensions of feeling and thinking and perceiving. I’ve been picking up new hobbies, one of which is listening to audio books. If you’ve never tried that, I highly recommend it. If you find a recording with a good speaker, you can just get lost in it for hours.

I digress. All of this summer listlessness has had me dreaming up certain sultry, summery looks that might have been worn by a femme fatale in an old french film, or on me, in some sort of wonky alternate reality. Dreamy, hazy, sparkly, just out of focus enough to make you squint, these are the looks I’ve been finding myself gravitating toward. It’s almost as if I want to embody that heat wave that writhes just above the sand at a hot beach.

Think sunset pinks, honey blonde hair, sad eyes. Romantic, in a lazy, sleepy kind of way. I’m inspired to wear loose, reflective materials and warm-toned makeup.

My inspirations change week by week and I’m sure I’ll soon have more to show you all. Expect a post soon about my summer and what I’ve been up to!

Love and Sequins,



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Looks of the Day- F/W 2016 Edition

Hey starlets! As any follower of fashion would know, the Fall/Winter 2016-17 shows are in full swing! I’ve been casually perusing through a few shows so I’ll know what to expect when fall rolls in, and I am LOVING IT!

I just felt the need to share a few of my personal favorites that I’ve come across today. So, here we go!

  1. Warm Coat, Cold Legs

    A.P.C. Fall/Winter 2016-17 (photo:

    I absolutely love this look! There’s just something about wearing a big, glam coat and basically nothing else that really makes you feel extra fabulous. It focuses all of the attention on the coat and, of course, your awesome-looking legs.

    On top of that, I love the nude/beige neutral color palette. These colors pretty much never go out of style and can match almost anything.

    To top (bottom?) it all off, I am a huge fan of long socks and, although I have yet to try the socks and sandals look, it’s definitely an adorable trend that can liven up any outfit!

    So this winter look out for the girl wearing short-shorts with a long furry coat, it’ll probably be me!

  2. Slouchy Sweaters
    creatures of comfort fw16

    Creatures of Comfort Fall/Winter 2016-17 (photo:

    Who doesn’t love a good slouchy sweater? I love this look because of how comfortable it looks and how versatile it can be. I’m such a big fan of the matching sets and mock neck trends, so you could definitely see me in this look. It’s not too complex and it doesn’t try too hard. It’s effortlessly stylish, which is something a lot of us aim for.

    I have had an arduous love affair with giant sweaters because they are so comfortable, yet still stylish. I can laze around in my room all day, then get up and throw a nice pair of shoes on and go out looking good.

    Sweaters definitely are the best article of clothing to have in the fall/winter season because they come in so many shapes and styles and colors and sizes, not to mention they’re great for layering and can easily be dressed up or down.

    So I suggest stocking up on some of these bad boys before fall! And, hey, thrift stores aren’t a bad place to look!

  3. Adorable Layering

    Erin Fetherston Fall/Winter 2016-17 (photo:

    Um? Can we talk about this for a second? If I had to choose one image that would sum up my personal style, it would probably be this. I absolutely love cute little dresses like this. I also absolutely love the classic look of a flowy white blouse. I also absolutely love layering.

    So, in other words, where can I purchase this entire outfit?

    I adore the vintage/classic look of the tie-neck blouse and the color combination of the rich and shiny maroon/brown. It looks so chic and so adorable and just so… me! Not to mention that it also looks pretty 60s, which is one of my favorite periods of fashion in general.

  4. 50s Housewife Glam

    Agnona Fall/Winter 2016-17 (photo:

    Another one of my favorite times in fashion is the 50s. Everything just looked so glamorous and I love the idea of dressing up to go grocery shopping, or even to vacuum the carpet.

    This outfit just screams 50s, from the long coat, to the subtle wave of the hair, to the bold red lip. It’s nice that the classic coat gets a modern twist with the striped fur on the arms. This is definitely one look I wouldn’t mind rocking at work, or even at a fancy event.

    It’s definitely important to have a wide range of coats if you live in a cold place. This way, your outfits can stay fresh and fashionable and be functional at the same time. So, this winter get out of your comfort zone and maybe try a glam coat (or two, or three.)

I have many more favorite looks to share, but I don’t want to spoil all of you and put it into one massive post! So keep an eye out for more looks of the day in the future!



P.S. Leave a comment if you have anything to say or if you have suggestions for future posts! I would love to hear from all of you!

Hot For Spring: Your One-Stop Shop for Spring Inspiration!

It’s almost time, everyone! Break out your pastels and your light layers, spring is on its way!

I am so excited about this spring season and all of the trends to come. I’ve been raking through all of the hoards of collections to put together some inspiration for some spring looks. There’s just so much good stuff this season! Ahhhh!

So without further ado, I bring you my favorite looks for the spring 2016 season!

  1. Put some Prep in your Step

2. Pretty in Pink

3. White on White

4. Work the Quirk


5. Sheer Beauty

6. Denim, Denim, Denim

7. Gray Baby

8. Sparkle and Shine

9. Black is the New Black

10. Lean Green Fashion Machine


11. Yellow Fever

12. Camel Club

13. Everything Else

I hope you guys agree with my choices of favorite looks for this spring! If not, I mean, I guess we can still be friends…

If you like the fashions you see or want to see more, visit !

Until next time,


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For the Love of McQueen

If you dug deep enough into any fashion lover’s past, I’m sure you could find the one designer that started them on the path to total fashion addiction. I am no different.

I didn’t always stay up to ungodly hours in the morning clicking through runway show after runway show, saving my favorite looks for inspiration. I also didn’t always voraciously tear through any fashion magazine I could get, looking for material to create elaborate collages to memorialize my favorite trends, models, brands, and editorial photo shoots.

McQueen at work backstage, 2001. “I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress.” -Lee Alexander McQueen. (Photo by Anne Deniau.)

I can probably say that this passion (obsession?) is all thanks to my gateway drug that was Alexander McQueen, who still occupies a space in my heart as one of my favorite designers.

I used to just be in love with the idea of clothes and putting them together in ways that made me look good, but everything changed when I discovered McQueen. I started to love the idea of clothing and fashion as an art form, the idea that entire stories can be weaved into every fiber of a piece of clothing. Because of McQueen, the entire world of fashion opened up to me and my mere interest in looking good for school transformed into what I want to spend my life doing.

In my honest and obviously biased opinion, Alexander McQueen is one of the greatest designers of this generation because he went beyond the purpose of fashion, to sell clothing, and made his shows into art exhibitions and works of living, breathing poetry.

As Jaden Trahan, my boyfriend and also an avid fan of McQueen, states, “Alexander McQueen was never like ‘I’m going to sell so many of these dresses made entirely of flowers.’ No. He wanted to bare his soul in that one dress.”

McQueen made clothing for the sake of art. “Things rot. . . . I used flowers because they die. My mood was darkly romantic at the time.” -McQueen for Harper’s Bazaar, 2007. (GIF Source:

I think what I’ve always loved the most about McQueen’s clothing and his shows is the fact that they tell stories. Each piece sent down the runway clearly has a character in mind and I can’t help but feel transported into a world of fantasy when viewing everything.

“It’s pretty much an objective fact that [McQueen’s] pieces are art,” Jaden said. “His pieces transcend generations and trends. A hundred years from now, people will still think it’s beautiful and that it’s art.”

A Gothic, fantastical merry-go-round for McQueen's autumn/winter 2001 show. He injected theatrical elements into all of his shows. (Photo by Chris Moore.)

A Gothic, fantastical merry-go-round for McQueen’s autumn/winter 2001 show. He injected theatrical elements into all of his shows. (Photo by Chris Moore.)

Jaden and I aren’t the only ones to think that McQueen’s work functioned as art, as many of his works were displayed in an exhibition entitled “Savage Beauty” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in 2011.

Of course, being the obsessed fangirl that I am, I HAD to have the book from the exhibition, which Jaden so graciously gifted me. I spent hours flipping through the pages, crying tears of absolute disbelief at how this man transformed fashion from simply the clothes you buy and wear, into masterpieces that held so much meaning. I eagerly showed each image to Jaden, who was converted into an avid McQueen fan overnight.

One of my favorite pieces of McQueen’s work. “It is important to look at death because it is a part of life… It is the end of a cycle—everything has to end. The cycle of life is positive because it gives room for new things.” -McQueen for Drapers magazine, 2010. (Image Source: , courtesy of Alexander McQueen.)

I was devastated to find out that in 2010, McQueen took his own life. Although he has passed away, his influence and legacy still live on. Sarah Burton, a designer that worked closely with McQueen throughout his career, took on the role of the new head designer and creative director of his line. Throughout the past five years, she has kept the same fantastical romanticism that was present in all of McQueen’s work.

Sarah Burton's work for Alexander McQueen across various seasons. She has kept McQueen's sense of fantasy in the brand since his death. (Photos (from left to right) by Marcus Tondo, Gianni Pucci and Monica Feudi.)

Sarah Burton’s work for Alexander McQueen across various seasons. She has kept McQueen’s sense of fantasy in the brand since his death. (Photos by Marcus Tondo, Gianni Pucci and Monica Feudi, from left to right.)

Lee Alexander McQueen and his surviving brand will always hold a spot in my heart as the catalyst that started me on this incredible journey into a passion that I hope to carry for the rest of my life.

McQueen told a story in each of his collections, this one was inspired by Joan of Arc. (A/W 1998) (GIF Source:

McQueen told a story in each of his collections, this one was inspired by Joan of Arc. (A/W 1998) (GIF Source:

I recommend that anyone and everyone should discover some of his work and truly appreciate it as art and not just clothing to be mass produced and marketed the world over.

Without McQueen, I’m not sure if I would be writing this blog post right now, or studying public relations to someday work in the fashion industry. I guess it’s funny how incredibly influential a single artist can be on you.

Love and fire,


For more information about McQueen’s life and art, visit .

The Couture Club

Couture. A word that is used again and again in our culture, but of which very few people know the true meaning. What do you think of when you hear the word “couture”?

I used to think these types of crazy looks were

I used to think these types of crazy looks were “couture.” This is a “demi-couture” dress made of flowers by Alexander McQueen for his spring/summer 2007 show. (Source: Marcio Madeira)

“I think of chic and elegant fashion, like Coco Chanel, something that not everyone will be wearing.” said Shelby Carter, a sophomore advertising major and my neighbor.

Cristina Cano-Calhoun, a sophomore sociology major and another neighbor of mine, had a differing opinion on the meaning of “couture.”

“I think cutting-edge, breaking boundaries and pushing the limits on what we define as fashion,” she said.

When I first got into fashion, back when I was flipping through glossy magazines, awestruck at all of the beautifully odd editorial campaigns and dumbfounded by how luxe all of the clothing was, I too subscribed to a vague definition of what “couture” was. It was all that crazy stuff on the runway that nobody actually wore, right? The insane makeup, the theatrical materials, the drama of it all, that was what couture was to me.

What is couture?

In reality, “couture” has an incredibly strict definition.

According to Katherine Bernard in an article written for Vogue entitled “Paris Couture Week Cheat Sheet: A Fashion Dictionary from Atelier to Prêt,” couture pieces “often require a thousand hours of work including elaborate embellishments and finishes.”

So, it’s not about what it looks like or how much it costs, it’s all about the technique. Everything must be hand-sewn, and even though most of these looks never make it off the runway, when they do, they must be measured and fitted to match a client’s body exactly. No more than ten of any couture piece will ever be created.

A piece being hand-sewn for Chanel. One piece of couture can take months to produce. (Source: Chanel)

A piece being hand-sewn for Chanel. If it’s bought it will be measured and tailored to the client’s exact proportions. No two pieces will be the same. (Source: Chanel)

Fashion houses actually have to be certified as couture by French law! The Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, the organization that regulates and designates what is couture that has roots back in the medieval  guild system, has a detailed set of rules a house must follow to be considered couture. One rule includes that the house must have a workshop in Paris, another states that houses must show two collections a year with at least 35 pieces that range from day to evening.

Because the requirements are so strict, there are currently only 15 fashion houses that are officially designated as couture, including the well-known houses of Chanel, Christian Dior and Givenchy. All other fashion houses that create looks that use couture techniques, but don’t adhere to all of the regulations are considered “demi-couture.”

Some couture looks from the Chanel Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection. They're still dramatic, but a lot tamer than I used to imagine couture! (Source:

Some dramatic couture looks from the Chanel fall/winter 2015-16 collection. These looks can cost upwards of $10,000! (Source:

How much does couture cost?

I can imagine what you’re thinking right now. “So, if these garments require a thousand man hours of work and include exquisite hand-sewn embellishments, how much would it cost?”

The answer, to put it lightly, is (excuse my French) a shit ton.

According to the article “Haute Couture: What It Means, Who Buys It, And How Much It Actually Costs,” a daytime look usually starts around $10,000 with gowns costing much more than that, some even reaching into the millions. One piece of clothing costs, at the very least, about as much as a year of college!

Some may say that this is excessive and that nobody should ever pay that much for clothing, but I feel that the costs are justified. People are willing to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a piece of art, the result of an artist working for months or even years. This form of fashion is, in my opinion, the same sort of thing. Couture looks are just pieces of art worn on the body.

Details of a look from Giambattista Valli for their fall 2015 Haute Couture collection. This amazingly detailed piece took hundreds of hours of hand-sewing to create. (Source: Yannis Vlamos)

Details of a look from Giambattista Valli for their fall 2015 Haute Couture collection. This amazingly detailed piece took hundreds of hours of hand-sewing and embellishing to create. (Source: Yannis Vlamos)

Who buys couture?

When I imagine who buys couture, the first thing that pops into my head is a bratty celebrity like Paris Hilton, who would wear a piece of couture once and then declare it as “so yesterday,” or something like that. In actuality, people who buy couture are basically a club of extremely rich people who deeply admire fashion.

As you can probably imagine, the pool of people willing to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on one piece of clothing is incredibly small. The article estimates that there are only around 4,000 couture customers in the entire world.

This small group of devoted members see couture as something to be collected and maintained. Unlike that cheap Forever 21 dress you buy and will inevitably throw away in the span of about a month, couture is collected and passed down through generations.

It was fascinating to be able to learn the rich history behind the term “couture” and truly admire the designers that choose to keep this art form alive. In our world of constantly shifting trends, it’s nice to know that the exquisite quality and uniqueness of couture will never go out of style.

Here’s to hoping that someday I’ll be one of the blessed few rich enough to indulge in their love of fashion.



Spring is in the Air

The months of September and October bring with them classes, changing leaves, cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, Halloween and… spring.

I can hear you asking yourself, “what does she mean by ‘spring’?” and what I mean is: spring fashion, of course!

Fashion month, an event that happens twice a year in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, is a magical and frantic time in the fashion world. All of fashion’s biggest designers showcase their collections in a runway show, a glamorous and exclusive event where A-listers get the first glimpse of the looks and trends that will be “in” next season.

Since fashion month just ended, all of spring 2016’s trends have been strutted up and down the runway, meaning we get to start preparing our spring wardrobes, so we don’t just cruise through spring and summer in flip-flops and that one pair of cutoff shorts that match every T-shirt.

This season, there are an abundance of trends for every style imaginable and there’s no way I could get through all of them, but here are a few of my favorites.

If you like a more classic look:

If your wardrobe is filled with classy, polished pieces that never really go out of style, like the classic white button-down shirt and that little black dress that looks good for any occasion, then this fresh spring trend may interest you.

Plaid, plaid, plaid:

Left, Victoria Beckham enlarges the print and gives it a more mature feel with a darker color palette. Right, Brooks Brothers livens up this old print with super bright colors. (Sources: Luca Tombolini and Stephen Sullivan, respectively.)

Victoria Beckham (left) enlarges the print and gives it a more mature feel with a darker color palette. Brooks Brothers (right) livens up this old print with super bright colors. (Sources: Luca Tombolini and Stephen Sullivan, respectively.)

Finally, a trend that supports the insane amount of preppy clothing and plaid I have in my wardrobe!

Plaid seemingly never goes out of style and this spring it is getting blown up in all different shapes, sizes and colors. As you can probably tell, I have always had a love affair with all things plaid, so I’m glad this classic print is getting a makeover so that it can be worn in even bolder ways while still maintaining its polished, preppy feel.

If you consider your style artsy or bohemian

If you dream of looking like that one cool, hipster art teacher you had in high school and you like to dress in a multitude of colors, textures, and prints without regards to whether or not they “match,” then this trend is definitely something you may want to try.

Quirky cool:

Both Miu Miu (right) and Gucci (left) layered their collections in textures and colors that may not have been traditionally paired, while adding quirky accessories to round off their looks. (Sources: Monica Feudi and Yannis Vlamos, respectively.)

Both Miu Miu (left) and Gucci (right) layered their collections in textures and colors that may not have been traditionally paired, while adding quirky accessories to round off their looks. (Sources: Monica Feudi and Yannis Vlamos, respectively.)

This trend is fun because it calls for absurd accessories of all sorts, like novelty ties, hipster glasses, giant bows, etc. I love the idea of pairing prints and textures to create a look that’s never been seen before. You can just experiment and get as “out there” as you want!

This trend is personally exciting for me because it allows me to play around with the pieces in my wardrobe that I NEVER get to wear, like the furry leopard-print vest I picked up at a thrift store that I stare at lovingly as it gathers dust in my closet. So, go ahead and grab your biggest statement pieces and wear them proudly!

If you like a vintage and romantic feel:

If you’re the kind of person that longs to dress in vintage, lacy, flowing gowns, like the protagonist in your favorite classic romance novels, then these widespread trends will certainly bring you pleasure.

Victorian influence and lots of lace:

Fendi (left) shows Victorian influence with romantic puffy sleeves and high neckline. Rodarte (right) adds a healthy dose of lace to show a more delicate version of the trend. (Sources: Weston Arnold and Yannis Vlamos, respectively.)

Fendi (left) shows Victorian influence with romantic puffy sleeves and high necklines. Rodarte (right) adds a healthy dose of lace to show a more delicate version of the trend. (Sources: Weston Arnold and Yannis Vlamos, respectively.)

It’s time to give that long, flowing dress that you feel like you never have an excuse to wear a chance! I know that I have a few dramatic pieces (I’m looking at you, puff-sleeve top) that I would like to wear out and about without being looked at like I just stepped out of a time machine.

Fashion is cyclical in nature, so trends are always popping up again and again. I enjoy seeing old trends being brought back and made new again, which is why I adore this Victorian twist. Now we can all dress up like our favorite Brontë characters and fall in love, the only thing we’re missing is our brooding love interest!

Finally, if you’d describe yourself as bold or flashy:

If you design your wardrobe based on which pieces will bring the most wow factor, or which will turn the most heads (no matter how crazy it may look!) then this trend is right up your alley, my sparkly friend.

Silver and sparkles and sequins, oh my!:

Loewe (left) creates a daring look with mirrored pants and Lanvin (right) dazzles with a shimmering sequin dress. (Source: Marcus Tondo for both.)

Loewe (left) creates a daring look with mirrored pants and Lanvin (right) dazzles with a shimmering sequin dress. (Source: Marcus Tondo for both.)

Although this isn’t a style choice that I would personally choose to wear, I have always admired clothing that is fully bedazzled with all things shiny. This look pretty much guarantees that everyone will give you a second glance, so it’s definitely not for the timid!

This trend dares you to become your own disco ball and dazzle any crowd with your statement pieces. I really like this concept because you can go as big, or as subtle as you want. You can deck yourself out head-to-toe in all things shiny, or choose only to wear a shimmery pair of shoes. Either way, you’ll still stand out in a crowd.


As you can see, spring 2016 fashion has an eclectic collection of styles and trends that can fit any personality. Now, as I get hyped for upcoming fall festivities, I can also get excited about spring, even if it is still half a year away.